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The Pattern Community
There is small but growing worldwide community of people – mostly architects, scientists, activists, people engaging in society – who think that the ideas of Christopher Alexander are important.

This page serves to make part of the pattern community visible. This may be 20–30 % of what exists (even less in the field of software). Think of this as access points – application domains, projects or proponents – you might resonate with or attach to.

It will take some time to collect even a starting set of information for this page, maybe until end of May 2015. After that, this will be "work in progress" for a long time. Please, send me contributions for this page: people, projects, event, or domains that I have overlooked; also information about you and your work (Contact Me).

work in progress

Architecture: Building & Theory & Critique


Christopher Alexander

David Seamon.

Eliezer Israel

Hajo Neis
PUARL conferences. PURPLSOC conference.

Hermann Czech

Sustasis Foundation. The Board contains among others:
Christopher Andrews, architect, Oakland, CA
Ward Cunningham, software engineer, Portland, OR
Susan Ingham, architect, Seattle, WA
Kathryn Langstaff, Autopoiesis LLC, Portland, OR
Michael Mehaffy, Structura Naturlis Inc. , Portland, OR
Kyriakos Pontikis, professor, Cal State Northridge, CA
Yodan Rofe, professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, IS

Nikos Salingaros.

Prakash Nair, Randall Fielding, Jeffery Lackney
Nair, P., Fielding, R., & Lackney, J. A. (2009). The language of school design: Design patterns for 21st century schools. DesignShare.

Sabine Pfister

Susanne Siepl-Coates.

Tom Kubala.

Yodan Rofe.

Authors Addressing the General Public


Helmut Leitner

Jenny Quillien

Michael Mehaffy

Nikos Salingaros


Frank Buschmann

Kevlin Henney

Douglas C. Schmidt

Martin Fowler

René Reiners

Ward Cunningham

Frank Leymann.
Philipp Grimm
Johanna Barzen
Christoph Fehling

Till Schümmer

Design Patterns

The Gang of Four: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
Book: Design Patterns

Eugene Wallingford. http://www.cs.uni.edu/~wallingf/research/

Michael Mahemoff. http://ajaxpatterns.org/

Ward Cunningham.
Inventor of the original wiki. Basis for Wikipedia.
Software Pattern
Pattern of Agile Software Development (aka Extreme Programming)
Inventor of the Federated Wiki: http://fed.wiki.org

HCI Human Computer Interface

Erik Stolterman.

Jan Borchers
Borchers, J. (2001). A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design. Wiley.

Jenifer Tidwell
Tidwell, J. (2010). Designing interfaces. " O'Reilly Media, Inc.".

Martijn van Welie. http://www.welie.com/

Yue Pan

Agile Development

Kent Beck

Ward Cunningham

Mike Beedle

Arie van Bennekum

Alistair Cockburn

Martin Fowler

James Grenning

Jim Highsmith

Andrew Hunt

Ron Jeffries

Jon Kern

Brian Marick

Robert C. Martin

Steve Mellor

Ken Schwaber

Jeff Sutherland

Dave Thomas

Hillside Group

Founding retreat participants ( http://www.hillside.net/home/history):

  • Kent Beck
  • Grady Booch
  • Ward Cunningham
  • Ralph Johnson
  • Ken Auer
  • Hal Hildebrand
  • Jim Coplien
Current Board:
  • Joseph Yoder
  • Lisa B. Hvatum
  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
  • Christian Kohls
  • Christian Köppe
  • Ademar Aguiar
  • Takashi Iba
  • Eduardo Guerra
Former Board Members:
  • Bob Hanmer
  • Dirk Riehle
  • Grady Booch
  • James Noble
  • Linda Rising
  • Neil Harrison
  • Ralph Johnson
  • Richard P. Gabriel
  • Robert Biddle
Shepherding Awards:
Hillside Group Europe


  • Didi Schütz
  • Klaus Marquardt
  • Tim Wellhausen
Scientific Advisory Board:
  • Frank Buschmann
  • Kevlin Henney
  • James Noble
  • Peter Sommerlad
Shepherding Awards:
Viking PLoP

Shepherding Awards:

Koala PLoP

Shepherding Awards:

Human Action


Takashi Iba

Doug Schuler
Book “Liberating Voices” & Card Stack; anti pattern cards

Greg Briant. Community Organizer. http://www.rainmagazine.com

Silke Helfrich. Commons. Patterns of Commoning.

Thomas Moritz

Organizations, Development & Management

Betsy Morris

Helen Sharp

Joshua Kerievsky

Linda Rising, http://web.lindarising.info/Patterns.html

Mary Lynn Manns

Steve Tendon, http://tendon.net/, https://www.amazon.com/dp/160427106X

Tree Bressen

Wolfgang Stark

Book: Fearless Change
Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising

Book: More Fearless Change
Linda Rising, Mary Lynn Manns

Project and Card Deck: GroupWorks
Tree Bressen, Betsy Morris

The Young Generation of Pattern Scientists


Johanna Barzen

Reinhard Bauer

Thomas Schlechte

Christoph Fehling

Education & Pedagogy


Peter Baumgartner

Reinhard Bauer

Christian Kohls

Joseph Bergin
Book "Writing Patterns"

Jane Chandler

Jutta Eckstein

Mary Lynn Manns

Klaus Marquardt

Helen Sharp

Marianna Sipos

Markus Völter

Eugene Wallingford

Other Application Domains


Organizational Development



Jascha Rohr. Patterns of the German Permaculture Academy.

Joanne Tippet. Dissertation: http://www.holocene.net/dissertation.htm

Transition Towns

Rob Hopkins.

Tom Henfrey.



Movie Production. Andreas Fießer.

Costume Management in Movie Production. Johanna Barzen.


Wolfgang Stark

Jan Borchers

Thomas Schlechte

Biologie and Deep Ecology

Andreas Weber. http://www.autor-andreas-weber.de/buecher.html

Daniel Schwab.

Cultural Philosophy - Enlivenment

Hildegard Kurt. http://und-institut.de/en

Shelley Sacks.

Heike Löschmann.

Andreas Weber.

Pattern Related Conferences

see Hillside Group

see Hillside Group Europe

Hajo Neis
Howard Davis
Rachel Bailey
Sara Ishikawa
Murray Silverstein
Max Jacobson
Ingrid King

Peter Baumgartner
Hajo Neis
Richard Sickinger
Helmut Leitner

Specific Projects

BRIDGE. Patterns of Large Scale Emergency Management.
Dag Ausen

Till Schümmer
Anne Thillosen.

PATTERNPEDIA. A "Wikipedia for Patterns" (specific functions based on the Semantic Mediawiki extensions)
Frank Leymann.
Christoph Fehling


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